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This is a collection of links to WebPages that I have found very useful and informative, regarding the creating of WebPages. also some other interesting information about using the internet                 

DHTML and JavaScript applets for download. I can recommend this site for its free JavaScript of which some are simple copy and paste

HTML colour codes     reference                    Webmonkey:-This is a very useful link were you can check out the correct colour reference codes

HTML codes               cheatsheet                

 Webmonkey:- List of HTML code
Animated gifs             AnimationFactory:- Free animated gifs and 3D clipart
Doctor HTML              Doctor HTML is a great way to check your hyperlinks the lot. Its surprising the details it will feedback regarding your pages 



Dillon's Desk             

Excellent web site. I think that you will find the tutorials interesting. 

Very good resources.        Paint Shop Pro Tutorials. Excellent site, really good tutorials with very good laid out downloads of the tutorials
HTML history              htmlgoodies:- A history of HTML and plenty advice on using it

Interesting Items

Computers in mind      speed                        A very interesting article on future computers
Copyright protection website with lots of information about, international copyright relating to internet and websites
WebTechGeek           A very good site offering tips and information for PC's and windows. Also has some downloads

Must have information

Control Spyware         This site contains masses of information about spyware and how to eradicate it from your system

Here is your chance to control and keep spam from downloading to you computer. Regain control of your own inbox at last

Knowledge is Power   


Arm yourself with knowledge to fight viruses.

Read the white paper "Beyond Layers and Peripheral Antivirus Security" to learn different aspects of virus behavior, human behavior, and antivirus solutions as they fit and operate within a typical network - from the Internet gateway to the desktop. The information in this document will help you to develop an effective strategy to prevent and respond to the threat of malicious code.

Computer Cops        

When too much security is not enough! 

Computer security is a blazingly progressive field not only in Information Technology, but in our daily lives online. To stay ahead, Computer Cops features security related information sharing on the Internet through the use of news, community forums, downloads and much more for free. Registration is encouraged, but not required for participation.

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