Series One

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Welcome to my new Series One Page : Which is currently in the early building stage

Wiring Diagram Series 1 

1 trailer light socket

2 stop,tail lamps

3 snap connectors for trailer light

4 ammeter

5 petrol level gauge

6 headlamp main beam warning light

7 ignition warning light

8 panel lights

9 panel lights switch

10 speedometer

11 ignition and lightning switch

12 mixture control warning light

13 oil pressure warning light

14 oil pressure switch

15 windscreen wiper plug and socket

16 windscreen wiper

17 petrol tank level unit

18 stop lamp switch

19 inspection lamp sockets

20 RB106 voltage control box

21 SF5 fusebox with 35amp fuse

22 mixture control switch(at control)

23 mixture control thermostat switch at cylinder head

24 petrol pump

25 starter

26 starter solenoid switch

27 dynamo

28 horn

29 horn push and headlamp dipper switch (86 and 107)

29A horn push

29B headlamp dipper switch

30 junction box

31 12V battery (positive earth)

32 ignition coil

33 distributor

34 headlamps

35 main beam

36 dip beam

37 side lamps

38 snap connectors shown thus  --[====]--






Series 1 Pages

Tailboard Key

 This is a freehand drawing of the tailboard key 
Wiring diagram Colour coded wiring diagram for Series I 


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