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                                Leaded 4star petrol

High Octane
Did you know that genuine leaded fuel has an average octane rating (ron) of 99.7

That means you can advance the timing and raise the compression ratio or turbo boost higher with leaded petrol than is possible with unleaded or LRP, without detonation. That equals more power from your engine. If you are involved in racing where seconds count, that could be the edge you are looking for.

No problems with Leaded Petrol supply.
Fears of a break in supply of leaded fuel have been eliminated.
Thanks to a deal between Bayford and Petrochem Carless, Leaded petrol will continue to be produced for at least the next three years.
Bayford Thrust have recently won two awards for leaded petrol, they are winners of The Classic Car Magazine award for the "Best Product" and..
The Penrite Award for "Contribution to the Classic Car Industry"
If you run a classic or high performance car, now is the time to throw away that can of additive, and fill up with award winning genuine Leaded petrol


  Bayford Thrust today announced that it has resolved the issues surrounding the supply of Leaded Four Star nationwide.  Following a new deal that has been signed with PetroChem Carless the product will continue to be manufactured for the next three years following the re-awarding of the supply licence by the DETR to Bayford Thrust.

  Paul Turner, the Leaded Four Star manager, explained, “Futura, who previously refined the fuel felt that due to a lack of volume purchased by some classic car users, the Foot and Mouth outbreak and some mainstream motorists gambling with LRP, they would not meet their estimates.”  He went on to add, “They are a mass market producer and this is a speciality product.  When they gave us notice of their intent we worked exceptionally hard behind the scenes and have put together a new supply deal.”

  “PetroChem Carless is a smaller, forward thinking company who refine for niche markets which suits leaded four star fuel.  They have agreed to refine the fuel for the next three years which means that as of 2 July 2001 there will be no supply problems around the country.”

  In addition to the above, the price of leaded four star will fall back as the cost of production in raw product terms drops.  Another exciting development is that the company are now supplying the product in drums for racing purposes and has recently delivered a batch to Goodwood in preparation for the Festival of Speed.

  Turner went on “The worrying issue has been that the amount of voices which protested at the removal of the product from the market place do not seem to be supporting the local suppliers and purchasing the fuel.  We call on all classic car drivers and clubs to support the sites stocking leaded four star.  It must be remembered that this is the only product made to a British standard, it is what your car was made to run on and avoids the lottery of LRP and additives.”

  Leaded four star is here to stay so please support it!

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