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Dear Silverforce visitor

Spam has shifted from being a nuisance for email users to a drain on 
enterprise resources, and a covert channel for delivering hostile mobile 
code into the enterprise. And, as recent events have shown, virus writers 
are now adopting methods used by commercial spammers, giving spam what 
appears to be a decidedly dangerous alter ego. Spam prevention is now a 
necessity rather than a luxury.

Dear Friends;

Boy, the amount of spam mail and email viruses our business receives is getting pretty freakin' bad!

From hard-core porn emails delivered to my most private" I-never-use-this-email-to-sign-up-for-ANYTHING" email addresses, to our customer support email boxes which can get up to 3,000+ spam and virus emails a DAY, it just gets worse and worse.

Now there's a way to Trick Spammers into thinking your email address is no good (undeliverable, nonexistent) so they'll remove remove you from their spam lists!

Here's The Best Way I Know To Potentially Save HOURS Every Week Handling Spam Email

You've probably tried several anti-spam solutions. The problem I've found with most of them are:

1) Heavy-handed built-in filters that block out a LOT of legitimate business email. (After all, business email isn't going to look like "personal" email to an anti-spam filter, so it's going to get flagged and deleted!)

2) The incredibly sucky email notice people get when they try to email you, "The recipient you tried to email is blocking spam, just click on this link one time, enter the code you see in the box to prove you're a real person, and all future email will be delivered to him."

...Yeah, news flash: Nobody except your mother and maybe your stalker is going to go to all that trouble to get an email through to little-old-you. :-)

You're going to stop receiving all your wanted newsletter subscriptions, purchase/download email receipts, and lots of personal mail from people who are unwilling or don't notice the obnoxious hoops you've set up to allow their email to go through to you!

The Solution: MailWasher Pro

Why? Because:

1) It doesn't use any built-in Nasty-Filters that are going to mistakenly trash email you need.

2) Lets you preview email while it's still unchecked on your server, and blacklist "from" addresses you never want to receive email from

3) You can "bounce" unwanted spam and trick spammers into thinking they emailed a nonexistent email address! (After several bounces, a lot of spammers will remove your email address from their lists and undeliverable - which is very cool!)

4) You can set your OWN filters to easily block email in any way you choose.

(Example: I have MailWasher Pro filters set to block any email that has a .pif, .scr, or .bat file as an attachment. Those are all potential virus file attachments.

I also have filters set to blacklist email with common sexual slang, etc., to block the porno ads.


Mailwasher Pro:

  • Is easy to use
  • Doesn't use built-in heavy handed filters that block mail you DO want
  • Lets you blacklist specific email addresses
  • It can even "bounce" an email back to the spam sender telling them the email was undeliverable. (After they receive that a few times, you'll be removed from a lot of these spam lists because they'll think your address isn't valid!)
  • Comes with a 30-day free trial. Try it out, you'll have it totally set up in under 3 minutes... Just run MailWasher Pro before you check and download your mail, and your unwanted spam is gone before you even download your mail..

Hope it helps!

To your success,

You can to find out about installing MailWasher. I heartily recommend it. There’s even a Hotmail version.

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