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t present the volume of the site is made up of my Turbo-UK website that I started  as a college project, this has became a passion to me and I am still building more and more into this site as well.


Turbo-UK is devoted to the subject of cars,cars,cars. One section is dedicated to my top ten vehicles, they are not ranked from 1-10, just nine cars and one van that I regard as my top ten, amongst them are Cosworth, Ford Transit and Land Rover.


There are sections of Turbo-UK that will in time be added, such as Classic Cars and My Jaguar XJ6 restoration.


If you own and run a Classic Car or any older model of car that is certainly contented on correct 4 star leaded petrol then be sure to browse the leaded petrol section, you may find this of great interest indeed.


  Web Page building resources. This section has some very good links and tutorials on web site design, Paint Shop Pro, JavaScript and HTML. It also has links to some very interesting articles that are computer related


I aim to add more computer related topics, such as problem solving, home networking and PS2, PSP and Xbox.


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